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I Know You're Sick and Tired of Poor
Sales Results from Your Sales Team!

But What's Your Sales Team's Excuse?

  • Prospects Have No Money or Budget!

  • Bad Prospecting Leads!

  • Not Enough Time!

  • Poor Economy!

You Can NOW Stop the Excuses and Enjoy Improved Sales Results
... And Even Predict the Results, Almost Like Magic!

The facts prove that sales force performance improvement is no longer an option, it's a mandatory requirement for EVERY business... Especially IF you want to grow profitably, sustain positive cash flow, and survive in today's changing economic environment! The key to effective performance improvement of your sales force begins with avoiding the following two biggest mistakes that most people make.

1st Biggest Mistake you can make (and the worst thing you can do for your people) is to continue doing what you have always done and expect better results.

2nd Biggest Mistake you can make (and the most costly mistake) is to GUESS at what needs to be done to improve the results of your sales team's performance.

The bottom line is this...  

Our specialty is sales force performance improvement, where we help businesses, just like yours, improve the overall performance of their sales force. We help you cut through the crap and excuses, eliminating the guesswork, so you can pin-point specifically what you and your sales team will need to do in order to quickly improve their overall sales performance... and we even help you save time, money, as well as frustration, in the process. We do NOT guess... we assess!

    How You Benefit as Our Client:

    ► Know specifically what is holding back your sales team

    ► Ensure consistency, efficiency, and effectiveness in your team's performance

     ► Gain critical insight from a perspective that is both objective and unbiased

     ► Immediately learn how to improve individual and overall sales force performance

    ► Improve your sales force hiring effectiveness

    ► Reduce your sales staff turnover

    ► Positively impact your overall sales growth, cash flow, and profits


In addition to our comprehensive sales force assessment services, we can provide you with complete sales force performance consulting services including, but not limited to:

  • Pre-Employment Consulting and Assessments
  • One-on-One Performance Improvement Coaching
  • Train-the-Trainer Development
  • Sales Force Instructional Design
  • Sales Training Seminars and Workshops
  • Comprehensive Accelerated Sales Training Courses
  • Sales Pro Peer Groups
  • Sales Management Peer Groups
  • Contract Trainers and Facilitators

What makes The Selling Pro unique and different from our competitors is our proprietary assessment tools and process. We are the first and only company to offer these comprehensive breakthrough assessment resources. We even provide a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee on our assessment and consulting services. The fact is, our specialty is sales force performance improvement and we are very good at what we do. We do NOT guess... we assess. We always will stand behind every minute of our work... guaranteed!

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